EMC/SI Certificate Program

Missouri S&T EMC Certificate Program

The EMC Certificate Program consists of the 36-hour EMC Principles video course and the 40-hour High-Speed Digital Design video lecture course. A final exam must be passed in each course to receive the certificate.

EMC/SI In-house Short Courses

EMC Short Courses

Missouri S&T offers short courses on topics related to EMC that are offered throughout the year at various cities in North America. Arrangements can also be made to hold an EMC Short Course tailored to a particular company at that company's location.

EMC/SI Non-Credit Education Opportunities


Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Signal Integrity (SI) Non-Credit Education Opportunities

Missouri S&T offers video recorded courses, live on-site presentations, professional development hours and a certificate program related to EMC/SI. The details about all of these options can be found at EMC/SI Courses.

Other information about electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and signal integrity (SI) education can be found at Dr. Van Doren’s web site www.emc-education.com