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Missouri S&T EMC Faculty


Daryl Beetner


Fields of Interest:Chip-Level EMCSystem-Level EMCElectronics Detection and Neutralization

E-mail: daryl@mst.edu


Chulsoon Hwang

Assistant Professor

Fields of Interest: 
Intra-System Electromagnetic Interference, Radio-Frequency Interference
Signal/Power Integrity for High-Speed Systems
Automotive Electromagnetic Interference
IC-level Noise Immunity / 3D-IC Integration

E-mail: hwangc@mst.edu


DongHyun (Bill) Kim

Assistant Professor

E-mail: dkim@mst.edu


Victor Khilkevich  

Assistant Professor



E-mail: khilkevichv@mst.edu


Professor Emeritus


Richard E. DuBroff 

Professor Emeritus 

Fields of Interest:Electromagnetics Wave Propagation Signal Processing Acoustics Geophysics

E-mail: red@mst.edu


Thomas Van Doren

Professor Emeritus

Fields of Interest:Applied Research and Technical Training Concerning Electromagnetic CompatibilityReduction of Electrical NoiseGrounding and Shielding of Electronic Systems

E-mail: vandoren@mst.edu


James L. Drewniak

Curators' Professor

Fields of Interest:Electromagnetic Compatibility of High-Speed Digital ElectronicsPower Electronics and Electric MachineryNumerical Electromagnetic AnalysisElectronic Packaging

E-mail: drewniak@mst.edu